The Ridiculous Bra For Blossoming Teen Bosoms


American Eagle’s new padded “Drew” bra promises to enhance your breasts up to two cup sizes and give you that “Double Whoa.” The problem? Some would say they are marketing directly to teenagers.

You know, back in my day plenty (imagine me saying that in an old-timey voice) of girls had many different tricks to amplifying their chest area. I remember being in the first month of junior high school when a new friend admitted and then showed me how she would use sanitary pads as extra padding in her bra. Socks, tissues, and — oh yeah — buying a padded bra were a few other ways of getting around a having flat chest during those awkward teenage years. So why all the uproar now?

We can question whether or not teenage girls should be/are sending the wrong signals by wearing a padded bra to school, but regardless of your opinion, teens are going to dress they way they want to. When questioned about American Eagle’s new bra, Seventeen‘s EIC Ann Shocket said, “Girls want to look pretty, but they do not want that icky sexual attention. They just want to feel good in their clothes, they want to feel pretty. And that’s what these bras are about.” Fair enough. And remember, it could be worse: it’s not Abercrombie’s padded swimsuit top for children or the babykini, now is it?

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