The Sad, Pink Donkey Who Ignited a Taco-Boycotting Revolution


L.A.’s Pink Taco, a restaurant named after female genitalia that serves bad Mexican food to people who would eat bad Mexican food at a restaurant named after female genitalia, has pissed people off. How? In honor of Cinco de Mayo, they spray painted a donkey pink, wrote the words “Pink Taco” on its side (pathetically), and chained the humiliated animal to their entrance in 85 degree heat. Isn’t that fun? ¡Olé!

According to OC Weekly, passersby noticed the broken pack mule — whom the restaurant calls “Pinky” and who has been used in other, equally stupid promotions — and took to social media with their disgust. Before long, the Facebook group Boycott Pink Taco Century City was formed. (Consider it done.) Realizing a backlash was brewing, the restaurant deleted its Twitter and Facebook accounts.

According to an eyewitness, a police officer “gave Pink Taco a cease and desist order, making the restaurant take down the ‘display’ as it didn’t have a permit.”

All of this brings back memories of the controversy that accompanied Banksy’s first L.A. gallery show in 2006, in which the artist painted a live elephant with a pink and gold wallpaper pattern. Animal rights activists protested, and L.A. Animal Services attempted to withdraw the permits, unsuccessfully. The paint was eventually removed, but the elephant was still made to stand for the remainder of the show’s three days.

Banksy would go on to be nominated for an Oscar, though, so chin up, Pink Taco! Hollywood loves second chances. [OCWeekly, photo via OC Weekly]

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