The Sad Wedding Dresses of Game of Thrones' Most Miserable Brides

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On the latest episode of HBO’s T&A tour de force Game of Thrones, we once again saw poor Sansa Stark unhappily enter a marriage over which she has zero control, this time to violent psychopath Ramsay Bolton. Bummer, but look at that dress! Perfect for a woodsy winter wedding, no?

[Spoilers ahead.]

Every season, Game of Thrones has been nominated for an Emmy for its costumes (they’ve won twice), and what better opportunity to show off those award-worthy chops than with a wedding gown? Unfortunately, most of the brides wearing these gowns are less than thrilled with occasion.

This being Game of Thrones, where women are treated as property, Sansa isn’t the first disconsolate bride we’ve seen. Hell, it’s not even Sansa’s first time at the altar of a woebegone wedding. Two seasons ago, we saw her married off to Tyrion Lannister, who, unlike Ramsay, politely declined the opportunity to consummate the marriage via spousal rape, though that didn’t change the fact that neither the bride nor the groom wanted any part of the union. But look at that dress!

Warm-hued, fancy, and maybe a little uncomfortable—just like King’s Landing itself.

One episode later, Roslin Frey married Edmure Tully as part of a deal made by her father, and the young lady was clearly petrified at the altar. (Little did she know, the night was about to get worse: This was the infamous Red Wedding.) But look at that dress!

Gorgeous lacework and a handy veil, perhaps a symbol of her faceless role as a political pawn, or maybe a metaphor for not seeing the massacre to come. Hide your eyes, girl, it’s going to get ugly.

Last but certainly not least, we have the show’s original miserable bride, Daenerys Targaryen, whose brother essentially sold her off to Dothraki leader Khal Drago in exchange for 10,000 of his soldiers. On the big day, Daenerys exuded a dignified sort of fear, as Game of Thrones brides are wont to do. But look at that dress!

A flattering shade of lavender, light and airy to keep Dany cool during a long day spent in the blazing sun of Pentos. Alas, Khal Drago would eventually remove the gown before raping his new bride atop a cliff at sunset.

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