The Saga Concludes: We Got Our Christmas Kardashians After All


After months of a saga worthy of the Mitford sisters, the thrilling, will-they-won’t-they indecision express has come to a jolting halt: the Kardashians have released their 2018 Christmas Card, and it’s…completely adequate.

After last year’s 25 days of ankle-grazing denim with nary a pregnant Kylie in sight made the whole project an exercise in lowered expectations, and this year’s nuclear “She’s the least exciting to look at” battle forced some somber reflection on how interested we were in looking at each Kardashian, respectively, it seemed like the Kardashian Kristmas Kard (sorry, I’m contractually obligated to do it at least once) had gone the way of the green-suited Santa or holiday wassailing.

But instead, we got a last minute, slapdash photo of four sisters and a great many children, whose individual names I know about as well as I do the names of the small humans running around my family’s own holiday gatherings, which is to say, not at all. What we did not get this year was Kris or Kendall, who were at the shoot but perhaps, in the end, not interesting enough to look at for the final cut. Overall, I feel about this card the way I feel about fruitcake—totally okay-ish if there’s nothing better around.

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