The Scariest Beauty and Fashion Trends of 2022

Fads coming back from the dead, bleached eyebrows, hobbit cosplay? I'm terrified.

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Photo: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/ The Chosunilbo JNS/ Matthew Sperzel (Getty Images)

There was a lot to be afraid of this year: The highest court in the land declared that bodily autonomy is not a right; Johnny Depp was exonerated, and like 80 percent of TikTok celebrated that; and from what I can understand, a head of lettuce is now the British prime minister. On top of all of these horrors, a number of fashion and beauty trends took a chilling turn.

A few popular “looks” sent shivers down my spine. Some of these trends were resurgent fads from yesteryear, a reminder that life is a cyclical, spiral staircase we descend until we reach our graves. Others were brand new horrific visions from a future I don’t want to live throuhg. Still, others sort of just looked like spooky costumes I’d see on All Hallow’s Eve. Basically, you can pull these off as long as you’re a chicer, more fashion-confident person than myself.

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