The Surreal Reality That Is The NKOTBSB Project


A strange feeling may form inside you as you watch this clip about the portmanteau-named manband NKOTBSB. The whole “in the studio with the former teen idols” angle feels like a fake Behind The Music skit from Saturday Night Live. And haven’t we reached a place where the words “kids” and “boys” no longer apply? And while the song may be called “Don’t Turn Out The Lights, Girl,” it should be “Yes, Go Ahead, Turn Out The Lights, Girl, Because I No Longer Look Like The Bop! Poster You Had On Your Bedroom Wall In 1999, And It’s Kind Of Depressing That I Am Old Now And So Are You.” It’s just a weird mindfuck to try and recognize which of these boringly dressed, scruffy, average-looking adult men wearing wedding rings is a dreamy baby-faced heartthrob you once loved. Or is it just me? Believe when I say… I (don’t) want it that way.

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