The Trailer For Something Borrowed May Look Vaguely Familiar


Wait… Kate Hudson is getting married? We haven’t seen that movie before! Heh. In June of last year, we read the script of Something Borrowed, a cliché-laden screenplay based on the novel by Emily Giffin. Kate Hudson, the blond, is bubbly and confident, as blonds are mandated to be in romcoms; Ginnifer Goodwin, the brunette, is brainy and awkward. And though this is ostensibly a story about friendship, it revolves around a man. Of course. The twist is, without giving too much away, that the goody-two-shoes brunette girl-next-door is the Other Woman, and not the blonde. Quelle scandale. In any case, the trailer looks just like the script. They even kept the line, “You’re thirty, you can’t afford to be picky.” It doesn’t look like the worst movie ever made, but it doesn’t exactly seem fresh and original, either. But, you know, audiences love tried and true, so it will most likely do very well in theaters. Enjoy. I’ll be waiting in line for Hanna 2: Teenage Mutant Boogaloo.

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