The Try Guys Address ‘What Happened’

The remaining members said they don’t know if they’ll ever “be able to fully articulate" their pain. Are these the Try Guys or characters in a Victorian novel?

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The Try Guys Address ‘What Happened’

With the gravitas of a president addressing a nation in mourning and the aesthetic nothingness of a corporate training video, the Try Guys discussed Ned Fulmer’s ousting in a video uploaded Monday night to their YouTube account with nearly eight million subscribers. Fulmer, a certified Wife Guy, made headlines last week when rumors circulated about an extramarital workplace affair. Fulmer and his wife, Ariel Fulmer, eventually confirmed the cheating and the Try Guys announced Fulmer was no longer working with the team.

Monday’s five-and-a-half-minute video, titled “what happened.,” is so severe that you might think someone died if you watched it without sound. In a way, I guess, someone did. Ned Fulmer Try-died. The group explained they had caught wind of the cheating allegations over Labor Day weekend and, according to Eugene Lee Yang: “Thus began a three-week process of engaging with employment lawyers, corporate lawyers, HR, PR, and more in order to make sure we were taking all necessary steps.” Fulmer’s behavior was “contrary…to the values of the company we built and everyone who works here,” according to Yang. Keith Habersberger said, “Ned engaged in conduct unbecoming of our team.” Are these Try Guys or characters in a Victorian novel?

Zach Kornfeld explained that Fulmer was being edited out of videos that had already been shot but not yet posted. He said some videos will not be released: “You will not see them.” However, Fulmer may pop up in some sponsored content he shot that has not yet been uploaded. He officially left the group on September 16, according to the video.

The group’s language grows increasingly melodramatic as the video continues: “We feel saddened, not just personally, but on behalf of our staff and our fans who believed in us,” said Yang.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to fully articulate the pain we feel at this moment,” said Kornfeld. “It’s hard to rewatch old videos that we love and are proud of. We’re losing a friend. We’re losing someone we built the company with, we have countless memories with. We just made a TV show together! I’m sure many of you feel the same way. It’s weird. We’re sorry that this ever happened and we don’t know what more to say.”

These are guys who take their work ordering every item off a menu extremely seriously.

“What we hope is that within this, there’s also the opportunity for positive growth and better videos ahead,” said Kornfeld. “But it’s gonna be hard. This whole thing’s gonna be fuckin’ hard.”

Yeah! Not exactly digging-yourself-out-of-rubble-because-your-city-was-just-bombed hard, or ran-out-of-money-days-before-the-next-check-comes-and-you’re-hungry hard but fuckin’ hard all the same.

The remaining Try Guys did not address the report that the person Fulmer cheated with was Try Guys producer Alex Herring.

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