The United States Is Officially a Bit Harry-er

The prince has filed official paperwork, and his deeply random entrepreneurial spirit is already definitionally American.

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The United States Is Officially a Bit Harry-er

What’s that chill in the air? The last grasp of winter hanging around for relevancy? Well, yes, that, but also, might it once again be Great Britain coldly losing out to the United States?! I don’t even stan the U.S. like that but I admit that I’ve gotten carried away with an inexplicable rush of patriotism now that the former Prince of England has distanced himself even further from the British monarchy’s clenches. USA! USA!

Documents filed by Prince Harrys company Travalyst Ltd earlier this week listed Harry as a “usually resident” of the U.S, making his Montecito, California, estate an even more permanent home: the fully realized outcome of Tyler Perry’s charitable aid. (He housed Harry and Meghan Markle when they first escaped the castle.) However, what’s even more American than this little update on his official papers is Harry’s dedication to an ever-growing slew of entrepreneurial avenues. 

Harry owns 75% of Travalyst Ltd, a company founded in 2020 “to promote global awareness of the importance of sustainable tourism.” Sure! That sounds like a cause worth slapping your name on. Add it to the long list of deeeeeply random organizations or projects Harry has either founded or backed in recent years, including his and Meghan’s nonprofit named after their son (The Archewell Foundation); their production company (Archewell Productions), which  made their own Netflix docuseries; Archewell Audio; mental health startup BetterUp; the Aspen Institute; and environmental and social issues company (???) Ethic Inc. 

Of course, I’d be remiss to not mention Meghan’s latest venture, American Riviera Orchard, which has come out with a groundbreaking *checks notes* jar of jam. Though to be fair, I understand jam as a tangible product more than anything any of the above listed companies have ever worked on. This is all to say, welcome as a “usually  resident” to the U.S., Harry. You’ve grabbed the BS entrepreneurial spirit of the country by the balls. We’re excited to have you. 

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