The View Is Deeply Obsessed With Joe Biden


In May, during a segment discussing the 2020 presidential candidates, the co-hosts of The View all let it slip that they had no idea who John Delaney was. Meghan McCain said, “He’s not running for president” just seconds before a producer in Sunny Hostin’s earpiece let her know that Delaney was, in fact, a candidate for president.

Exactly one week later, The New York Times called The View “the most important political TV show in America.” Interesting choice!

Sure, it has decent ratings and almost every 2020 candidate has made a point to stop by the show for an interview, but there’s only one candidate that clearly has their full attention.

All of The View’s co-hosts (including conservative McCain) have an obvious soft spot for former Vice President and friend of the show Joe Biden. Each of them has spoken at length about how comforting he is, how electable he is, and how he’s such an all-around great guy! When other candidates visit the show, they’re often asked about how they compare to Biden.

Joy Behar even walked him through an apology to the women who have publicly stated that he made them uncomfortable. When people continue to criticize Biden’s overfamiliarity with women, the hosts kvetch during “Hot Topics” about how he’s no Weinstien or Trump—which of course no one had ever claimed in the first place—and ask that others just let it go.

In short, they seem committed to protecting Biden’s reputation and candidacy. And while the co-hosts love to tout that The View is helmed by five women, it’s clear that’s a choice they’re making at the expense of so, so many other women.

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