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In the last couple of weeks, no fewer than eight people have recommended this Apple TV+ show to me. After tearing through the first eight episodes this past weekend, I am happy to join their chorus.

An unspecified apocalyptic event (that happened at least 140 years ago) has forced thousands of people into an underground, 144-story silo. The present-day residents have no idea what happened outside, why they’re here, or what happened before they got here (They don’t know what stars are! There’s an entire plot point around what a Pez dispenser might be used for! They treat “the founders” like they were a God and “The Pact” like it’s the Bible!). Despite the dystopian description, it is a working, albeit bleak, society with mechanics, schools, a police department, a mayor, and plenty of government conspiracy theories and suspicions of coverups. Things start to unravel as people (Rashida Jones! Rebecca Ferguson!) start to question whether or not the outside world really is a toxic, barren wasteland. It’s a gripping show that, even through its slower parts, keeps you fully invested because you just keep asking, “What the fuck are they actually doing down there?!”—Lauren Tousignant

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