The Year In Mariah Carey


Whether it was making a drunken acceptance speech, pretending she didn’t fart on TV, or showing off the twins in her belly or the twins in her bra, Mimi has had a miraculous 2010.

10.) She rang in 2010.

I went to see Mimi at Madison Square Garden on New Year’s Eve last year for a performance that was drunk, sloppy, fun, and most importantly festive—which is exactly how NYE should be. After the countdown there was So. Much. Confetti.

But she still wanted more.

She probably spent just as much time on stage banter as she did singing. And when I say “banter” I mean “complaining about shit,” from her mic pack situation to how her shoes hurt. It actually only increased the entertainment value of the evening. Nick Cannon was DJing on stage, and he kept telling her how sexy she was every time she whined about feeling fat. That’s their dance, I think. And I like it. As long as he keeps complimenting her, these two are gonna last forever.

9.) She hung out.

Mimi continued her tour after NYE, which involved this.

8.) She showed off her boobs at the Golden Globes.

7.) She showed off her golden globes at the Academy Awards.

6.) She got pregnant.

With twins!

5.) She creatively disguised her pregnancy weight with aspect-ratio manipulation.

For her ABC Christmas special—which was already in wide screen—Mimi had the camera dimensions tweaked to appear thinner, which was glaringly obvious when compared to her HSN Cyber Monday appearance (both filmed the same week).

4.) She fell on stage.

She blamed it on her shoes and fishnets.

3.) She didn’t fart.

She blamed it on her chair.

2.) She sold perfume on TV for 24 hours.

Even though she doesn’t like perfume. She also doesn’t like to stand while pregnant.

1.) She got drunk.

Hands-down, the best Mimi moments happened earlier this year when she was working the awards circuit for Precious, namely, when she won Best Supporting Actress at the Palm Springs Film Festival. She was festive to say the least—or as someone in the audience put it “fucked up.” To narrow it down a little further, the absolute best thing she did in 2010 is at the 1:16 mark, when she snaps her fingers and shrugs.

Because it was so rare to see the normally prissy Mariah let loose, her speech got a lot of coverage—and thank God, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to see this outtake shown on Entertainment Tonight.

If she wants to have fun, she can have fun. Thank you much.

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