The Younger Cuomo Refuses to Participate in Cuomo on Cuomo Crime

The Younger Cuomo Refuses to Participate in Cuomo on Cuomo Crime
Image:Dia Dipasupil (Getty Images)

Chris Cuomo, CNN anchor and the sole hot Cuomo said on his show Monday night that he “obviously cannot” cover the ongoing sexual harassment allegations against his brother, New York governor Andrew Cuomo, because it would be a conflict of interest. The other Cuomo went on the reassure his audience that the network that employs him will continue to cover the lesser Cuomo’s fall from grace, but Chris will focus on all the other important news items of the day to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

While it is certainly a conflict of interest to have one brother interview another on whether or not one of them is harassing his subordinates, this isn’t the first time Younger Cuomo has been allowed to take a loose stance on the ethics of journalism to cover his brother. Just a few months ago, Americans were giddily watching the Cuomo brothers argue with each other on CNN about the coronavirus and Elder Cuomo’s policies for New Yorkers, their competing accents growing stronger as time rolled on. To bring viewers the double Cuomo segment, CNN made an exception to a rule they’ve had since 2013, according to a rep for the network, barring Younger Cuomo from covering anything related to Elder Cuomo.

Suddenly, the news is less family-friendly, rules now apply, and exceptions can’t be made. Really, the only fair thing to do here is to allow Younger Cuomo to continue the pseudo-reality show he started last Spring when he was quarantining in his basement and have him interview not only his brother but turn it into an entire family fair. Set up some cameras, get all of Elder Cuomo’s daughters back from wherever they are, retrieve Mother Cuomo and the ghost of Father Cuomo, and have a long chat. This chat, of course, would be a distraction. Simultaneously, the New York Attorney General’s office mounts an investigation gathering bulletproof evidence that will determine whether or not Andrew Cuomo can sustain a run for any other high office once his term as governor comes to an end.

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