These Cookie Stand Entrepreneurs Are the Most San Francisco Kids Ever


These two girls in the upscale Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco are lightyears ahead of America’s unenlightened children, who toil over crappy lemonade stands, mixing Country Time powder into a vat of lukewarm water with vague ambition for future riches. For starters, they’ve already figured out how to prey on their patrons’ vague bourgeois sense of homemade quality by calling their cookie stand a “shoppe.” For another, they accept Bitcoin.

Earlier this week, Redditor DorkusPrime posted a picture of two pretty adorable girls selling snickerdoodles from their cookie stand (called Mia & Taylor’s Coffee Shoppe) in Noe Valley, pointing out that they have a huge QR printout announcing that they accept Bitcoin as possible cookie payment. Another sign on the stand mentions that broken cookies are free, which sounds like an 60 Minutes expose waiting to happen. BUT I DIGRESS.

Thus far, according to Buzzfeed, the girls’ stand has accumulated .083 Bitcoin, which is just over one hundred million defunct Italian lire, or 70 American dollars. Although Vice‘s Motherboard blog had the girls pegged as members of the infamous cookie-peddling brigade known as the Girl Scouts, it has since been pointed out that the girls are selling individual cookies. Probably without Girl Scout sanctioning. Probably because the old frontier spirit hasn’t quite died in West.

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