These Disney Villain Perfume Bottles Will Please Your Inner Vixen


If smelling bad looks this good, then damn, I don’t want to smell good. (You know what I mean.) These perfume bottles designed by a Japanese artist who goes by Ruby Spark are the perfect renditions of the villains they represent. I’m not really into the whole Disney Princesses thing, but Disney Villainesses? I can get down with that. While you can check out the whole collection here, but unfortunately these beauties are not for sale.

Sultry and glamorous, these bottles lead to an inevitable and very important question: What do Disney villains smell like? Because lord knows that Ursula seems like a fitting vessel for the Instyle Fragrances take on Chanel No. 5. And Jafar? Just stuff that bottle full of Acqua di Gio magazine samples.

Images: RocketNews24 via Pixiv

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