These Donnie Loves Jenny Ads Are Offensive to Romance Novels


The show you didn’t want, the show you actually pleaded A&E not to make, the show you’re screaming about right now, Donnie Loves Jenny, premieres tonight. In anticipation, the network has released some ads making Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy look as though they’re on the cover of some old romance novels. No. No. No.

Provided to US Weekly, the ads are a slightly more creative take than the regular campaign for Donnie Loves Jenny.


“We said, let’s do some high vibrational TV, let’s keep that energy going and see if we can be part of a shift where there is an audience for people that want to see some happy and some good, instead of some dark,” were the random words strung together to make a complete sentence provided by McCarthy to US about why the couple is doing the show. No explanation was given for why the creative team responsible for these ads just added length to Donnie’s very cropped Caesar haircut, resulting in a bizarre Pope Who Has Gone A-Frolicking look.

Cartoon Jenny, of course, looks great.

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