These Orphaned Siberian Tiger Cubs Are the Most Majestic Babies


When this Siberian Tiger cub’s mother was killed by poachers in November, he and his two siblings were rescued by scientists and kept safe until their release in the Russian Far East. The tale of the rescue is fascinating; the scientists have to keep the cubs wary of humans so they can reacclimate to the wild — and so they don’t try to become BFF’s with the poachers who want to murder them. Fingers crossed it all works out for these beautiful babies. I very much want to hug them all right now, but I know that wouldn’t be helping the cause. Ugh, life is so unfair to me!

Also, seriously, fuck a poacher. These are BIG-ASS CATS who LIVE IN THE SNOW. Why you wanna mess with them? Just let them be one of the last truly majestic animals on this Earth, and give us all a reason to believe that human are not the worst.


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