These Vintage National Enquirer Covers Are Hilarious


It’s been a big week for The National Enquirer (the magazine that I once got sent home for reading at school). The publication broke the news that Ellen’s house is possibly haunted and alerted faithful readers to a big secret that Jimmy Fallon doesn’t want you to know (he loves his wife and child!). And if that wasn’t enough, whoever’s in charge of amazing ideas over at the magazine (this I am unironically excited about) decided to publish a gallery of some of the tabloid’s best—and obviously most honest—covers.

Here’s the tweet that launched it all. Apparently Bob Stack is a really nice guy!

And here are several more covers that advertise some amazing true stories. (Allegedly!) (Please imagine I just screamed “allegedly” in the manner of Kathy Griffin, finger up and everything.

Everyone hates Doris Day:

Anita Ekberg has wed some manner of wild beast:

Someone invent a time machine because Elvis is looking to get hitched;

You can browse through a whole gallery here.

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