Thinks Don't Look Good for Ol' Matt Gaetz

Thinks Don't Look Good for Ol' Matt Gaetz
Photo:Samuel Corum (Getty Images)

Despite whatever image Matt Gaetz was trying to project with that happy, Panic! at the Disco-tracked video of him on his nationwide “America First” tour with fellow nightmare Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene earlier this week, dude might be fucked!

The Florida congressman’s ex-girlfriend has apparently agreed to cooperate with the ongoing federal investigation into whether or not Gaetz violated sex trafficking laws after allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old girl whose travel he paid for, CNN reports.

Authorities view the woman, a former staffer on Capitol Hill, as a critical witness because of her firsthand knowledge of what Gaetz was up to in the summer of 2017, a.k.a., the time all this aLlEgEd shit aLlEgEdLy went down.

Throw in the fact that Gaetz’s buddy, Joel Greenburg, pled guilty to sex trafficking and other charges last Monday, and, personally, I’d say dude seems kinda fucked!

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