This Film Series Claims It Takes 8.2 Seconds to Fall in Love


My dad gives every film 10 minutes before deciding whether it’s worth investing two hours. For him, that means falling asleep for most of the movies we opt to watch together. For me, that meant growing up with high standards and an extra-short attention span. Las Vegas Love Stories is a film series that seems conscious of people like me. Each part of the six-part series tells a love story in the amount of time “science” tells us it takes to fall for someone, and the average attention span most of us possess—about 8 seconds.

Because creative people love to complicate things and make them seem effortless, that brings this entire project to a mere 48 seconds. If we apply my father’s rule here, the Gondry brothers have .68 seconds to prove it’s genius. I have a lot of questions, including:

  • How much footage did the team have to gather in order to parse out what they believe to be compelling bits?
  • Are we sure it takes 8 seconds to fall in love or are we talking lust?
  • Can someone work on a film series about falling out of love? (Which takes a second.)

All that to say, this seems worth a watch. It will take a total of less than a minute of my time, and will maybe make me believe in love again. More than anything, though—it’ll make me laugh. The trailer did:

Talented folks, including Academy Award-winning director Michel Gondry and his brother Oliver Gondry, plus HAIM and Jay-Z’s director of photography Adam Newport-Berra, worked on this, which gives me some hope. Each film takes place in (you guessed it) Las Vegas and, though short, claims to “feel just as complete as a full-length feature.” All will be available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube on September 25.

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