This Horrifying New Video About Cupcakes Is Your New 'Friday'


Pato has never been one to shy away from controversy. First, he gave us “Friday,” then he gave us the classics “Thanksgiving” and “Chinese Food” and now he’s at it again with a mind-meltingly awful tune that invites you to try a cupcake…if you dare.

I mean, I guess cupcakes are pretty exciting and I will never turn one down, but it doesn’t seem to be the best basis for a song, especially a song like this, which features neither good lyrics (“Dancing all night at the party/making it look so easy”) or any discernible rhythm you can kind of hum along to. And what the fuck is Tinkerbelle the dog even doing here? Why is she a featured artist when dos can’t even eat cupcakes? Why is this video not true to life and why is anyone singing about anything other than Red Velvet cupcakes, which are the best (and only) ones.

I think what I like best about this song is that the whole cupcake thing comes out of nowhere. For the first 30 seconds Gina’s just complaining about not being able to go to the beach with her dog and then BAM she’s removing an entire 24-pack of Costco cupcakes from her purse. Where did they come from and how did they get there? Why is there a playful homeless man rooting through the trash? Who chose the outfits? Obviously, I have a lot of questions.

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