This Is the Bad Place: Kristen Bell, Like a White Lady on Vacation, Wore Cornrows

This Is the Bad Place: Kristen Bell, Like a White Lady on Vacation, Wore Cornrows
Image:Terma,SL / BACKGRID (Backgrid)

Kristen Bell—The Good Place and Veronica Mars actor, voice of Princess Anna in the Frozen franchise, and Los Angeles landlord at a time when millions of Americans run the risk of losing their homes (let’s hope she froze rent during this global health pandemic)—wore her hair in cornrows recently, no doubt validating the thousands of white women who travel to the Caribbean and incorrectly beg a local for “boxer braids,” blissfully unaware of their error. I mean… is it 2014? Can we expect trend pieces from, I don’t know, The Los Angeles Times crediting white women for kickstarting a cornrow fad, again? She simply looks ridiculous?

I’m not one to spew hate—it is election week, after all, and you can find that shit anywhere—but it simply seems wack that Bell was photographed in cornrows while wearing a shirt that simply read, “vote,” and while exiting “the $4.3 million English Revival home that she shares with husband Dax Shepard… which is currently being renovated,” according to gossip site Hollywood Life. It is “located in the same gated community as Angelina Jolie’s home… the mansion was built in 1922 and designed by Arthur R. Kelly, who also did the Playboy mansion,” tabloid The Daily Mail reports. America’s sweetheart sure is relatable, huh?

Fans noted that when Bell went on Instagram Live the following day, her hair was unbraided—perhaps someone explained the poor choice to her? If so, that person deserves a damn raise. Or, you know, maybe she’s wearing her hair in this particular fashion for a role that has yet to be announced. If that’s the case, disregard everything here. Or don’t, because it still looks bad.

Here’s a side profile, for the hell of it:

Image:Terma,SL / BACKGRID (Backgrid)

It feels like such a poor, tone deaf choice for the current moment, I can’t help but wonder… is this a troll? Keep your bob, Bell.

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