This is What Peak Male Performance Looks Like (Cheering on Wife)


In a recent blog post about Sex and the City, writer Andrea Long Chu wrote that “it is only on television that heterosexuality has ever made any kind of sense.” Well…………… not anymore!

On Thursday night, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian tweeted a video of two women who’d stopped him on the street to tell him how much they love his wife, tennis superstar Serena Williams. “Tell her yourself,” Ohanian says as he pans his phone camera to the two women. “We love you Serena!!!!” they exclaim. “Black girl magic!”

“Usually people pitch me their startup when they spot me out in the wild. This last week, they all want me to pass along a message to my wife,” Ohanian tweeted. “Can’t say I hate it.”

Do I love it when I see a man publicly acknowledging the woman he’s with? Yes. Do I love it when I see him enthusiastically celebrating her and all that she’s accomplished? Deep yes. Does this mean my bar is too low? Absolutely. Nonetheless! I am still very, very, very into Serena’s relationship with Alexis and his ongoing commitment to being her live-in cheerleader.

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