This Man Will Pay You Half His Salary If You Can Find Him A Wife


38-year-old Illinois man, Paul “Handsome Paul” Gutierrez, is willing to pony up half his annual salary if you can find him a soul mate…or any suitable mate, for that matter.

Gutierrez opened a website called “Can Anyone Find Me A Wife” with a list of 38 reasons why women should love him, as well as “a collection of awkward stories about his quest to find true love – all of which have failed.”:

On his website, he paints himself as a hopeless romantic who has had bad luck with love, thanks to a combination of bad skin, lack of money and less-than-perfect body.
“It would be a real-life beauty and the beast marriage. … Minus the fact I’m not a wavy-haired prince with a castle and servants. … More like a balding drifter with a future mobile home and hamsters.” he wrote.
If a lucky girl finds Gutierrez, she can expect to be the first girlfriend he’s ever had, he wrote.
“I’ve never had a girlfriend in my life … Ever … Though I thought I did once … That is until her boyfriend showed up,” he said.

Lest you think Gutierrez is a loser —which may be a gentler term for what the female version of such a man would likely be called— worry not.

Gutierrez feels he is one of the “luckiest people alive”. So he has that going for him:

“Most people probably think I’m an epic loser for trying to find a wife like this, not to mention, I don’t have much to offer a woman in regards to money, looks or a career,” he wrote. “However … I am very grateful for what I do have and consider myself too be one of the luckiest people alive!”

Man offers half of his yearly salary to anyone who finds him a mate [NYDailyNews]

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