This Sweet, 8-Minute Lesbian Love Story Film Is Really an Ice Cream Ad


Cornetto has been doing a lot of filmmaking-as-advertising lately, by making long-form commercials that barely even show the product being shilled. The latest is called “40 Love,” and features two winsome young ladies, with Lily Allen as a guest star.

Like the Cornetto ad that went viral last year, “40 Love” focuses on budding romance. In fact, Cornetto has a an entire series of these film-like ads, called “Cupidity.” (More on this at AdWeek.)

But while most of the narratives involve a man and a woman, “40 Love” is a Sapphic story, with dreamy cinematography and a romcom-style meet cute. It’s unclear how it sells ice cream cones, but maybe it doesn’t matter. It’s just nice to see a company branch out beyond heteronormativity.

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