This Week In Tabloids: Choose Your Own Brangelina Adventure


Wednesday means one thing: Midweek Madness. The covers are all over the place this week, like what’s up with Brangelina? Did she kick him out? Agree to be Mrs. Pitt? Is he cheating with Natalie Portman?

If you want the truth … you probably shouldn’t check out In Touch, Life & Style, Us, Ok! and Star. But nevertheless, we continue our weekly quest for real gossip below.

WEDDING NEWS! For years, Angelina Jolie has taken on the bulk of the responsibility with the kids, but now that she’s been spending so much time away from home taking on humanitarian and film projects, Brad Pitt feels like he’s a single dad. “He wants to get married before they have any more babies – and that mean getting pregnant or adopting,” says a source. “He needs to know Angie is really committed to him,” a friend adds. “Becoming Mrs. Pitt would give him the answer.” In other fake news, Jennifer Aniston wants to adopt a baby girl because she loves the relationship Courteney Cox has with her daughter Coco and breaking up with John Mayer has “sidelined the idea of getting pregnant.” Lastly, Britney’s fighting to win Kevin back. Though she kissed an unnamed dancer during a dinner with members of her tour and then spent nine minutes in the bathroom with him while her bodyguards blocked the door, she’s only hooking up with the dancer to make Kevin jealous. “If she wants Kevin back, she better move fast,” says a Federline source. “Kevin’s track record is to get every girl he falls for pregnant, and he wastes no time.”
Grade: F (Favorite show gets cancelled)

Here’s the “diet secret” that keeps the ladies of Dancing With the Stars so svelte: DANCE FOR EIGHT HOURS A DAY. Moving on: “Octomom, The Nannies Tell All” gives more detail about why the Angels in Waiting nurses clashed with Nadya Suleman. Representatives from the organization claim that she was tipping off the media, that cameramen were telling nurses to “get out of the shot” while they were trying to care for the babies, and that there is no security in the home and anyone can just walk in. They say Nadya was always shopping, only took care of the babies when the cameras were on, and didn’t bathe one baby for days. In other news, Bridget Moynahan isn’t amused by Gisele Bundchen’s comment regarding her son Jack in Vanity Fair. Gisele said, “It’s not like because somebody else delivered him that’s not my child.” Bridget and her friends are “in shock” since she’s never met Gisele and a source says, “Gisele parades that kid for the pararazzi to show she’s a family person.” Stevie Nicks makes fun of some of her worst looks ever. (Fig. 1) Next: Us is calling out all of the other tabloids for recently running cover stories that weren’t true. For the record, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie aren’t breaking up, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer weren’t trying to conceive a baby, and Rihanna and Chris Brown did not have a secret wedding. They also show how OK! Photoshopped two pictures together to make it look like Suri and Shiloh were having a play date. A Jolie-Pitt source says, “Angelina has never met Suri, nor is Shiloh her new best friend. Actually, Shiloh’s real best friend, Zahara, would be upset to hear that!” In closing, John Mayer insulted Jennifer Aniston on a five-day cruise with his fans aboard the “Mayercraft Carrier 2.” He debuted a song about an anonymous needy lover, and admitted to making out with Jen’s “nemesis” by which the mag means Perez Hilton. “Fuck yeah, I made out with Perez,” Mayer told the crowd, “I just wanted to prove that I’m a sicker fuck than he is. I’ll [have sex with him] until he runs away screaming just to prove a point.”
Grade: D- (Favorite character diagnosed with brain tumor)

Life & Style
“Twilight Fight!” claims that Robert Pattinson is intimidated by the set of younger, buffer actors playing werewolves in New Moon. No actual fisticuffs have ensued, but they’ve been telling the press that Rob is smelly and Ryan Seacrest told one of the new stars, Kellan Lutz, “Rob is the lead,m but you’re the better-looking Cullen.” Also, Kristen Stewart is friends with Taylor Lautner, so the mags are going to say she’s cheating on her boyfriend with him now instead of Rob. Moving on: Angelina is on an extreme diet. On the set of Salt she had her assistant put a single small salted pretzel on a plate and bring it to her for a snack. Sources on the crew haven’t seen her eating much else. It’s not the first time she’s done this. “Angelina calls it ‘movie dieting'” says a friend. “She likes the way she looks on-screen when she’s slim and angular.” Jessica Alba won’t eat white food. Anything with sugar or flour isn’t allowed in the house. “Jamie Kennedy: How he scored his dream girl” never exactly says that Jennifer Love Hewitt is out of his league, but the accompanying graphic of other normal looking guys and their hotter ladies gets the message across (Fig. 2) There’s more on Nadya Suleman’s alleged lack of parenting skills. Angels in Waiting lawyer Gloria Allred says, “The babies appeared to be treated as props after their feedings.” As for the older kids, an insider says, “They run around in the same dirty clothes, underwear, and socks for days at a time. And when Nadya gets overwhelmed, she locks herself in a closet and talks on the phone.” Britney Spears’ dad is angry about her leaked phone message. “He was considering ending the conservatorship when she wrapped her tour, but now he may change his mind,” says an insider, “He’s freaked that Britney will stop paying him and kick him to the curb.” Paris Hilton has dumped her BFF, Brittany Flickinger, who she found on a reality show. “All that girl wanted was the free trips, the goodie bags, staying at Paris’ mansion and the parties and clubs. She was desperate for money,” says a source. “She was another one of these girls using Paris to get famous.” In Dr. Rey’s casebook the bad doctor is once again using the fine film Face/Off as the inspiration for “Who has the most flawless face?” This time, Cameron Diaz would look would look better with Gwyneth Paltrow’s skin grafted onto her face. (Fig. 3)
Grade: D (Lead actor leaves to make a movie)

“Tori anorexic? 98lbs.” Of course the personal trainer who estimated her weight doesn’t treat Tori. Candy Spelling has written a tell-all book called Stories from Candyland in retaliation for her daughter’s tell-all book, sTori Telling and Tori’s so upset she can’t eat. “Tori’s so stressed over her mom’s new book, she has no appetite but is still exercising every day. Her friends are all worried that she may be anorexic. She’s now down to a size zero,” says a source. But if Spelling is trying to get back at her estranged mother, it’s not working. “Candy actually thinks Tori looks good like this,” says a source. “She always told her daughter it’s best to be thin.” Blind item: Which smack-talking rapper is very in touch with his feminine side? During a recent trop to Vegas, he got a luxe mani-pedi at Michael Boychuk’s AMP Salon in the Palms hotel. And when he hit Cirque du Soleil’s O, he wore a huge afro wig! At least his girlfriend didn’t seem to mind his look. Last week Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal annoyed their fellow diners in Paris by making out like teenagers at a restaurant and feeding each other pieces of chocolate mousse. Next: Sources claim that Jennifer Aniston is desperate to arrange a meeting with Brad Pitt since they are both staying in New York. So desperate in fact, that she’s made two appointments at the Waldorf-Astoria’s spa, hoping that she might run into Brad. It’s unclear why she went through all the trouble, since she also called Brad and he said he’d love to get together and chat. Then he told Angie and she “yelled at him for half an hour,” according to an insider. “She pulled him into her bedroom and hissed, ‘we are leaving the city right now!'” says the source. She told the kids to pack their bags and the brood sped off to their rented Long Island estate in an SUV sans Brad. Angie said they need a break. Don’t tell the kids about this (probably fake) separation. They don’t want them to know because, a source says, “It would upset them too much.”
Grade: D+ (Unsatisfying series finale)

In Touch
“Loving Mother or … MOM FROM HELL?” This story takes us “inside Octomom’s crazy world,” with exclusive pictures of six of her octuplets piled on her bosom, the babies lined up in their crib, and her holding one baby in the palm of her hand. In addition to complaints by Angels in Waiting published by every mag this week, In Touch goes the extra mile and chats up her neighbors. One says, “The woman is completely nuts. She thinks she’s famous. She doesn’t know that people are laughing at her, that she’s a freak.” Also, an insider says that a deal is in place for Nadya to be filmed for a reality show as soon ash the last two babies come home. “Octomom” won’t appear in the title because she hates the name. “It’s about Nadya trying to raise 14 children while looking for love,” the insider explains. Next: Angelina feels threatened by Natalie Portman starring with Brad Pitt in the new film Important Artifacts because Natalie is beautiful, educated, six years younger than Angie, and single. “In Angelina’s mind, it isn’t at all far-fetched that Brad could fall for Natalie and leave her the way he did Jen,” says a source. A relationship expert who doesn’t treat Angie agrees: “History repeats itself. She can ask for his reassurance, but there is nothing else she can do. It’s out of her control.” A source claims Matthew McConaughey has proposed to Camila Alves. She’s been spotted wearing a yellow-diamond engagement ring. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ex-fiance, Ross McCall is upset that she’s started dating co-star Jamie Kennedy only three months after they broke up. “He feels that Jamie always flirted with Jennifer around him, and now he is wondering to his friends if this romance actually began while they were still together. He is very upset,” says a friend. Moving on: Are Lindsay Lohan’s habits ruining her looks? A pal says she looks “skinny and run-down” because she is “always smoking and eating crappy food.” Maybe Lindsay’s partying is taking a toll, but the “obvious creases” “forehead lines” and “dark circles” that the mag so helpfully points out may be a result of being human. (Fig. 4) Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have split up, according to In Touch, but only because they have a $200,000 deal with another tabloid to deliver four cover stories and they have already done three, including the fake elopement. “The actual story has be written for weeks,” a friend reveals, adding that “they’ll get back together,” as long as the price is right. Finally, the mag reports that there’s a “trendy cosmetic procedure that’s sweeping Hollywood: bangs!” Apparently stars like Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, and Sarah Jessica Parker are wearing bangs so they don’t have to shell out for Botox on their foreheads in these hard economic times.
Grade: C- (Anti-drug episode)

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