​Thousands Rally Against Abortion in Madrid

Recently, the Spanish government withdrew plans to enact an insanely harsh bill that would have made abortion completely illegal in the country with the exception of rape or threat to the mother’s life. While many hailed the move as a victory, today tens of thousands of people showed up to a rally protesting abortion under the slogan “Every Life Matters.” Every life, but the mother’s I guess.

In September, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who ran for the Popular Party on a platform promising to deny women the right their own body, announced the harsh bill would not go through, citing lack of consensus. I mean, seeing as 80 percent of the population oppose the very idea of such a harsh law, that was probably a good call.

But today, the Associated Press reports that around 500 buses shipped people in from all over the country for this rally in Madrid where demonstrators “urged supporters to not vote for the Popular Party in elections next year if the government doesn’t change the current law.”

I’m not sure if the protest will have a very profound effect on the nation’s views on abortion. Honestly, it seems like a try-hard response to the big Pro-Choice demonstration that took place at the end of September in Madrid, that celebrated the withdrawal of the anti-abortion bill.

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