Tig Notaro Talks to Conan About Her Breast Cancer: 'My Prognosis Is Great'


Nearly two months after her show stopping standup set at Largo, comedian Tig Notaro, who was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, has returned to Conan to discuss the events that led to her diagnosis (they were grim) and her current prognosis. Thankfully, it seems as if Tig’s fortunes have begun to turn around. Following a double mastectomy (an operation she jokes about with ease), Notaro’s prognosis is “great” and the Largo set, which has, until this point, remained unheard by anyone who didn’t attend the show, will be available for purchase via Louis CK’s website with a portion of proceeds going to breast cancer charities.

To borrow the immortal words of Good One Robot: Good one, Tig.

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