TikTok Is Not Handling This Election Very Well

TikTok Is Not Handling This Election Very Well

There is a very specific sort of psychic damage that TikTok inflicts on a person, a threat that is often exacerbated by current events like the ongoing election. Over time, I have built up a resistance to the brainwaves this app sends through my phone to torture and punish me, but over the last 48 hours, these safeguards have been utterly obliterated.

The denizens of TikTok are, quite obviously, not handling things very well at the moment. From misinformation to misguided views about Florida and Texas, the app has devolved into pure electoral chaos this week—even more than when Trump attempted to delete the app off the internet earlier this year.

In an attempt to capture this moment in internet history, I went spelunking through the various corners of TikTok, on an alt-account I normally use to keep tabs on cosplayers and evangelical future tradwives. (In many ways, they both represent the hidden psyche of the modern American conscious.) Now, looking back at that decision, I genuinely wish I had done literally anything else.

Jezebel philosopher Hazel Cills once said: “There Are Only 3 Moods: Lobotomy Please, Asteroid Take Me Now, I Hope I Get Abducted By Aliens.” Right now, I’m at “lobotomy please,” but I wouldn’t mind an asteroid either.

Below is just a small slice of the mania I consumed before irreparably damaging my brain forever. This post will likely be updated when I return to the watering hole for more!

Turn off


Something something sleep paralysis demons something something why does Biden’s wig look like that:


Wait for it:


#stitch with @daniwebb74

♬ original sound – star ipad queen⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It’s nice to have dreams:


I mean, OK


Lots of theories about Melania’s voting preferences:


Makes you think:


Unsurprisingly, a large swathe of TikTok has extremely bad and reductionist views about the South and also Florida:


chile anyway soooo #fyp #election2020 #foryoupage #rnbvibes #holidaytiktok #trending #viral

♬ original sound – naweeyuh ୨୧


This is probably applicable to plenty of people:


Everyone is still horny for the mail:


coming in clutch 💪 #UnwrapTheDeals #trump #biden #biden2020 #govote #foryou #fyp #xyzbca

♬ original sound – Brittany

Now taking volunteers to hit me in the head as hard as humanly possible:


#greenscreen just quirky tingz, #mitchmcconnell #ohno

♬ I mean I could but why would I want to – Kacper

Good to have a hobby:


ONE WEEK to Election Day! I’m reposting one of my legendary drive-by’s every day until then. Here’s a fave of mine 😈😈😈 #fyp #fdt #vote #election

♬ original sound – girl with a mic 🕶️🎤

False! Dogs are Republicans:


This is where my mental state is rn

♬ original sound – Jacob Stephen

Ok, maybe not this dog:


Don’t forget to vote #fyp #biden #vote #trump #dog #foryourpage #pence

♬ Drip Like ME – Kenndog

Geography is nice:


I think Biden is a bit too


itd be REAL FUNNY if he loses #foryou #election #election2020 #biden2020 #fyp #starwars #lightsaber (idea from @kanner_kreche)

♬ Audio by revxelio on Instagram – Koby

I have found a new enemy:


Turn off the TV:


Lol this is a nightmare!!!

♬ original sound – Jesse McLaren

It’s maybe good for people to remember that



Manifesting a blue Pennsylvania 🥰✨ #pennsylvania #election2020 #biden2020 #tiktokforbiden #election #pennsylvaniacheck

♬ original sound – Viniv Online

Math is nice:


Lots of misguided and earnest liberals riling up the teenagers:


I would like a lobotomy:


T-minus 7 days… #fyp #countdown #jojobiden #TikTokForBiden

♬ CountDown – T.M.T

This person ignores how largely Republican huge swathes of California is:


#republicans #biden2020 #dumptrump2020 #gaytiktok #gay #lgtbq #magats #redstatesarefailedstates #california #newyork #witchtok #blacklivesmatter #fyp

♬ original sound – #Californiaguy



People are still making “Mike Pence’s Conversion Camp” jokes:


#greenscreen mf me and mike gon be making smores and painting our nails I’m excited😍 #mikepence #bunkd

♬ original sound – Hi

I’m wishing for death again:


COME THRUUUUUUU #blarizona #foryou #fyp #uselection

♬ Heart of Courage – Thomas Bergersen & Two Steps from Hell

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