Time to Fumble Towards Ecstasy With Robyn's New Track 'Set Me Free'


Robyn, who can bring warmth to anything, is so good in collaboration: the EP she did last year with Royksopp was a miniature master class on genre, with each of the five songs taking Robyn’s deep pop instincts and stretching them through Royksopp’s mathematical abstraction to hit a specific and different point. It was on their joint tour last summer that I first heard this track, “Set Me Free,” a collaboration with La Bagatelle Magique (her keyboardist Markus Jägerstedt and the late producer Christian Falk). It’s out now, along with “Love Is Free,” as a preview of their upcoming mini-album together—and it’s great, with Robyn riding her love of a sustained line from a vamping verse to a house chorus, and reminding the people that she’s necessarily much farther left of center than her biggest hits suggest.

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