Tiny Tampon Queen Stars in Best Menstrual Marketing Ever


If you haven’t heard about the company HelloFlo, after watching this commercial, you won’t forget them. They’re essentially a mail-order tampon and pad service that sends you your stuff, along with some candy, each month, right when you need it. Their first ad is so successful it’s enough to make anyone who uses hasn’t switched over to the Diva cup (available at a Whole Foods/internet near you!) get on board.

HelloFlo founder Naama Bloom said she started her company because she wanted a period reminder service that also came with the stuff you needed for your actual period. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, she explained that she felt like starting her company was a big risk that she had to take:

I‘ve spent my life doing the “responsible” thing and while it had its rewards, it also had limitations. I wanted to feel passionate. And I want my children to learn, like I did, that being happy in what you do is worth a little struggle. Looking forward into this year, I don’t know how we’ll keep our heads financially above water. I guess I’ll just have to sell a lot of tampons.

She also told AdWeek that the idea for the commercial came about “over a bottle of wine and a bunch of Thai food one night”:

“I was listing out my insights about the period experience and shared the story of the girl at camp that my friends and I all turned to for advice. When Pete said ‘You mean like a Camp Gyno?’ we basically knew what we had to do. Only humor could tell this story in a way that would be relatable, endearing and shareable.”

“It’s like I’m Joan and their vag is the arc…It’s like Santa for your vagina.” Keep going, we’re listening.

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