Tip: Definitely Do Not Name a Drink at Your Bar 'Date Grape Koolaid'


The Daiquiri Factory is a new bar coming soon to downtown Spokane, Washington. To whip up some advance excitement, they released a menu for an upcoming “sneak peak” on their Facebook page. One of the drinks? “Date Grape Koolaid.” That doesn’t really square well with their tagline: “Fun! Dancing! Drinks! Grub! Jamz!”

That’s according to the Inlander, which first spotted the creepy cocktail on the joint’s Facebook page. Literally any “grape” pun would’ve been an improvement! The Inlander points out that it could be a reference to this MadTV skit. If so, the foreman at the Daiquiri Factory distinctly failed to get the point.

It gets worse, though. When posters on the restaurant’s Facebook page pointed out the problem with the name, the responses were… less than encouraging re: the state of humanity:

Great community management, guys. A++ in social media marketing. (Do not be surprised when someone at the Daiquiri Factory Googles basic crisis management and deletes all these posts, of course.)

When in doubt? Err on the side of not making that date rape joke. Especially if your place of business requires a liquor license.

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