TMZ Is In Love


A reporter for TMZ (I’ll just call him Johnny TMZ) followed Teri Hatcher around the streets of Manhattan and had the kind of uncomfortably one-sided conversation men often have with disinterested women they happen to be interested in. Hatcher humors TMZ as he eagerly asks questions about her (women love when you ask them questions) like, “You run marathons, right?”

He drenches the Desperate Housewife formerly known as Lois Lane with questions and bizarre compliments for a block or two, all but professing his undying love.

“You used to be a cheerleader too, which is amazing. You have such a great resume. How physically demanding was it being a cheerleader?”

Fortunately, Hatcher slips away from TMZ and his camera before he’s able to get down on one knee and pull out his dead grandmother’s wedding ring.

Maybe next time, bud!

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Image via screengrab.

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