To Catch a Thief Realness: Yet Another Jewelry Heist in Cannes


Last week, Chopard jewelry was stolen from a hotel room in Cannes, during the film festival, specifically the same night as the premiere of The Bling Ring. Somehow, the festival has forged ahead, though perhaps ever-so-slightly less radiant. Today, the AP reports that there’s been another robbery:

Thieves outsmarted 80 security guards in an exclusive French Riviera hotel and made off with a necklace that creators say is worth a staggering 2 million euros ($2.6 million) — in the second such jewelry heist during this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

This “high value” necklace is not, repeat not the one Jessica Chastain wore to the Cleopatra screening; that was a Bulgari bauble previously owned by Liz Taylor. The missing necklace is by The De Grisogono jewelry house. De Grisogono director Fawaz Gruosi says of the theft: “It is actually the first time it has happened in our 20-year history.”

Meanwhile, Dita Von Teese just shot a Vine of her Chopard stones and LAWDA MERCY. If shiny things make your spot hot, this is pure porn.

[ABC News via AP]

Image via Getty.

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