Today's New York Times Features Some Pre-Holiday Areola


Top story in today’s New York Times? A not-so-sexy sounding piece on how the IRS treats political nonprofits. Above-the-fold image? A woman with the Star of David exposing a small breast cancer scar… and part of her areola. It’s a Thanksgiving miracle.

My boyfriend reacted to this the same way my brain did — confusion over the Grey Lady finally featuring the breast no one ever expected her to show.

Me: Hey, there’s an exposed areola on the cover of today’s New York Times.
Him: The New York….. Times?!

The image illustrates a story on the controversy surrounding genetic testing of Israeli women, so it wasn’t completely gratuitous. In fact, its relevance to the story is perfect; a single image that simultaneously conveys the seriousness of the topic at hand and grabs the eyeballs of passersby because BOOBS. I’d imagine that Times scientists have been working for years on a cover like this. Congrats, nerds.


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