Tom Cruise Calls Jett Travolta's Death "Horrific," Defends Scientology

  • Video has leaked from tomorrow’s episode of The View in which Barbara Walters asks Tom Cruise, a friend of John Travolta, about Jett’s death. Tom gets emotional and insists Scientology is not to blame. [TMZ]
  • The Travolta family is reportedly holding memorial service in Ocala, Florida this afternoon for Jett. It will take place at the Travolta’s home, where fans have already started leaving flowers and messages of condolence at the gate. [E!]
  • Tom Cruise wants to rehabilitate his image, and now says of his wacky antics a few years ago, “There are things that I could have done better.” What most rehabilitates Tom in our eyes is that when asked about Suri’s birth, he remembers that he has two older children tells a sweet story about when Bella was a baby. [The Telegraph]
  • Travis Barker and DJ AM performed together in Las Vegas yesterday for the first time since their plane crashed in September. Understandably, they drove to Las Vegas from L.A. rather than flying. [People]
  • In this video, Kid Rock says that the judge who ruled that performing for troops in Iraq doesn’t count as community service can “suck my d—-” and adds, “How ’bout you go to Iraq for a while if you’re such a badass.” [TMZ]
  • Pete Doherty hooked up with a series of random girls at a recent gig, and the evening yielded a picture of him making out with an unidentified brunette in front of a portrait of ex Kate Moss. [This Is London]
  • The bad economy is no match for the King. Elvis Presley is number one on the Forbes magazine list of the top-earning dead celebrities in 2008. [UPI]
  • The police dashcam video of Josh Brolin’s Louisiana arrest last summer has been released. Residents of Shreveport, La. were outraged when video surfaced a few days ago of the police using pepper spray on Brolin and a public hearing is being held today to discuss what should happen to the officers. [TMZ]
  • Someone broke the passenger side window of Ryan Gosling’s SUV in the Hollywood Hills yesterday, but nothing was stolen. [TMZ]
  • Poor Bette Midler. She can’t move tickets to her Las Vegas show and Cher is selling out all of her performances same venue. [Perez Hilton]
  • Kanye West is so excited that his album jumped from #5 to #3 on the U.S. album chart this week he wrote an all-caps blog exclaiming, “ART WINS!!!!!!!!! ART WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and requested Perez Hilton post the news. [Perez Hilton]
  • Soccer hunk Cristiano Ronaldo is fine after totaling his Ferrari by crashing into a barrier in a tunnel near Manchester Airport. His breathalyzer test came up negative, but there is no word on what did cause the crash. [People]
  • Though Liev Schreiber admits he and Daniel Craig pushed each other’s buttons while filming Defiance he also had kind words for his co-star. “I was really impressed that Daniel Craig was this major motion picture star who didn’t go to his trailer in between takes. I’m accustomed to that with A-list actors,” said Schreiber. “But Daniel didn’t. He sat with us and told stories and we had snowball fights and we bonded.” [Parade]
  • Is Kevin Costner sick? He was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday after he started feeling so ill and lightheaded while driving that he pulled over and called 911. He was held overnight for tests, but they came back normal and he was released. “He’s feeling fine and is back on his feet,” says Costner’s rep. [TMZ, People]
  • TNT has given the green light to two new shows, Time Heals, starring Jada Pinkett Smith, and The Line starring Dyan McDermott [UPI]
  • Apparently Brad Pitt was just pretending he needed to grow a mustache for Inglorious Basterds. The head of the film’s hair dempartment said he was surprised when Pitt showed up with the ‘stache and insisted on keeping it even though it was not true to period. Why, Brad, why? [NY Magazine]
  • Artist Alex Gardega is painting a 6-foot nude portrait of Rachel Ray using paprika mixed with oils for her skin tones. Surely there is some profound meaning behind this work and it isn’t just weird for the sake of being weird. [Newser]
  • Britney’s third single off Circus will be “If You Seek Amy,” which has an obvious dirty meaning if you listen to the song. Will the song’s entire chorus be censored for TV and radio? [E!]
  • Jay Mohr has changed his name to Jay Cox Mohr to sh0w his love for his wife Nikki Cox, even though Jay Mohr Cox would have been so much more fun to say. [Dlisted]
  • Photos from Verne Troyer’s high school yearbook have been uncovered, which reveal that the Mini-Me actor was his high school’s prom king. [Dlisted]
  • After flying from L.A. to the U.K., Stefanie Powers, the American actress best known for starring in Hart to Hart, was detained by immigration officials over a work permit mix-up and missed her performance as a fairy godmother in a London panto play. [Daily Mail]
  • Ana Ortiz of Ugly Betty and her husband Noah Lebenzon, guitarist for the band Half Life, are expecting their first child in July. [People]
  • An all new cast of D-list celebs has been assembled for the second season of The Celebrity Apprentice, including Joan and Melissa Rivers, Andrew Dice Clay, Tom Green, and Khloe Kardashian. It premieres March 1, so you’ll have to contain your excitement until then. [UPI]
  • Winona Judd has signed on to be the new spokeswoman for the diet pill Alli. We do hope she knows about the side effects. [Perez Hilton]
  • Stephanie March is returning to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for six episodes, reprising her role as prosecutor Alexandra Cabot. Her character was forced into witness protection program, but this will be the second time she’s come back to town, which kind of defeats the purpose of the witness protection program, right?. [Yahoo]
  • “I was brought up in a Catholic school and they told me gays were bad, adultery was bad and drugs were bad. At the same time, all my mum’s friends were gay, my dad was having various affairs and there were drugs in the house when I was a kid – so it was a bit cruel.” – Lily Allen on why she’s “confused” about religion. [Word Magazine]
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