Tori Spelling Opens Up About How Her Last Pregnancy Almost Killed Her

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While pregnant with son Finn, Tori Spelling encountered some complications that left her bedridden for 50 days. The health scare, diagnosed as placenta praevia, nearly took her life. She’s finally sharing some details of the incident while doing press for her new book.

“I was flat on my back. I wasn’t allowed to even get up to walk in the halls. My bathroom privileges would be taken away. I wasn’t allowed to shower. Everything was stripped from you.”
…The Spelling It Like It Is author (out today), describes her hospital room as a “tiny little corner room,” where she was only able to see daylight a little bit each day. The experience truly changed her life and made her look at things differently.
“When I finally got out, I was like, ‘I appreciate the sunlight. I appreciate the warmth on my skin.'”

Welcome back, Tori Spelling! Donna Martin Recuperates! [E!]

The Jonas Brothers would like you to please stand by while they get their shit together.

Wait. You have a bear with you? When is the concert!!?!?!!!???!?!?!!? [E!]

Jason Statham might play the straight man to Melissa McCarthy in her upcoming spy movie.

Deadline reports that Jason Statham is in talks to join Susan Cooper, Paul Feig‘s comedic James Bond movie. The film will star Melissa McCarthy, in her third picture with Feig after Bridesmaidsand The Heat, as the titular spy. Statham would play a spy on McCarthy’s side. Can’t wait for her to snap his Spanx.


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