Totally Reasonable Person Jill Kelley Threatens to Sue a Guy Who Said She Was a Bad Negotiator


I’m no PR expert, but I don’t think that threatening to sue a bunch of people is a good way to drum up public sympathy. But maybe Florida socialite and Petraeus scandal Kardashian Jill Kelley knows something I don’t.

Yesterday, Kelley was stripped of her honorary consul title by the South Korean embassy, the same title that she told a 911 operator guaranteed her diplomatic immunity from — I don’t know, people looking at her or something — when it was first revealed that she was the mystery woman at the center of the David Petraeus/Paula Broadwell shitstorm earlier this month.

Turns out, that wasn’t the first time she’d held herself out to be a Very Important Government Official from South Korea. At the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August, Kelley allegedly told energy executive Adam Victor that her high up (but actually volunteer) position with the South Korean government could potentially hook Victor’s business up with a big government contract. After much post-convention hemming and hawing, Victor eventually gave up on the Kelley-enabled South Korea deal, since it was clear that Kelley was not a good negotiator.

In response, Kelley’s attorney accused Victor of being a fame-hungry defamer who wanted to paint Kelley like some kind of fame-hungry nincompoop.

“If you want to continue seeking publicity for yourself, that is one thing,” Lowell wrote to Victor. “However, if you do that by maligning a person, that is something else.” He then accused Victor of casting Kelley in a false light and suggested his attorney contact Lowell to discuss the matter.
Victor told the AP late Tuesday that he never accused Kelley of wrongdoing, but had just said she was naive and not an experienced negotiator. He also said his female assistant was present every time he met with Kelley.
“It’s not a crime to be a novice,” Victor said. “I don’t know why they are talking to me.”

Yesterday, Kelley’s sent similarly stern letters to the US Attorney’s office in Tampa demanding to know why his client’s name was released during the course of the investigation and another letter to Kelley’s former attorney Barry Cohen, this one accusing him of breaching attorney-client privilege.

Kelley’s grifting identical twin sister Natalie Kahwan, who has enlisted celbrattorney Gloria Allred to, uh, defend her from being forgotten by the general public, also took a legal swing at Cohen in the past, suing him for sexual harassment and breach of contract.

Someone please, please give these two women a reality show. I love them.

[The Blaze]

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