Tracy Anderson Is Not Allowed to Transform Lena Dunham's Body…Yet


Celebrity trainer and “crazy” lady Tracy Anderson is threatening to give Lena Dunham and her Girls character Hannah Horvath her signature “teeny tiny” makeover—if only she had permission. “I send trainers to the set,” she said. “But I will tell you that [Lena]’s not allowed to transform her body right now.”

Speaking to The Cut at a New York Fashion Week event, Anderson gushed about how Girls is her favorite TV show (it’s the only one she watches) and how she’d love to get her suspended dance bands around Dunham, but show runner Jenni Konner won’t let her. “[Konner] is a diehard client of mine and a dear friend, so we joke, and she says, ‘You can’t transform her yet.”


Then she went off into a weirdo ramble about how much she loves seeing “diverse” bodies on TV (that she doesn’t watch).

One of the things I can’t stand the most is all the fashion magazines where all the women look exactly the same. I train everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Gwyneth Paltrow, you know, and I’m a totally different body type. I think there needs to be more emphasis in art and entertainment and fashion on all different body shapes.

As long as they aren’t fat, obvs.

Tracy Anderson on Lena Dunham’s Body, Kim Kardashian’s Baby [The Cut]

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