Tracy Morgan's Fishy Apartment Fire; OctoMom's House May Be Foreclosed On

  • Tracy Morgan‘s apartment caught fire this morning when a light bulb attached to one of Tracy’s fish tanks burst. Tracy, his neighbor Sherri Shepherd, and all of the fish, were uninjured.
  • Firefighters arrived within minutes and the fire didn’t spread. [TMZ]
  • Sherri Shepherd, who lives in Tracy’s building, says she and her son are all fine, but the sprinklers flooded her apartment. Sherri says: “My son has lung issues, so I’m kind of concerned about that … But I’m not pissed, I’m just glad everyone is okay. And I’ve got all my hair – all my wigs.” [Ok]
  • The housing crisis has hit the “OctoMom.” The house Nadya Suleman lives in with her mother and six previous children may be auctioned because the mortgage hasn’t been paid in 10 months. [TMZ]
  • Angela Suleman, the octuplets’ grandmother, says her daughter isn’t interested in celebrities and never had plastic surgery to look more like Angelina Jolie. She attributes the change in Nadya’s facial features to gaining 130 lbs during her pregnancy. [CBS News]
  • TLC says they are not giving Nadya her own show. [UPI]
  • Rihanna was spending time with her family recovering from the Chris Brown attack, but now sources say she has left the Barbados for an undisclosed location and is “staying under the radar.” [E!]
  • There are more details on Salma Hayek‘s Valentine’s Day wedding to Francois-Henri Pinault. There were 12 guests, including Salma’s mom and brother, the couple said their vows in French, Salma wore a white dress, and carried a bouquet of red and white roses. [People]
  • The Academy has decided that if Heath Leger wins an Oscar on Sunday, his statuette will go to Matilda, but Michelle Williams will hold it in trust for her until she turns 18. [AP]
  • Usher’s wife, Tameka Raymond, was released from a hospital in Brazil on Monday night after spending 11 days there. She was recovering from a cardiac arrest she suffered while being anesthetized for a “simple liposuction.” [Yahoo]
  • Perez Hilton’s feud with Lily Allen continues. Today the always-classy Perez posted a picture of Lily’s vagina on his blog. [The Daily Express]
  • The makers of Slumdog Millionaire have apologized to the Hope Foundation. In the film something terrible happens to one of the young characters after he’s picked up by a “Hope Orphanage” bus, but there’s no connection to the real charity, which cares for street children in India by providing residential homes, education and healthcare. [The Mirror]
  • Solange Knowles has been released from this hospital after passing out in baggage claim at an airport. She explained on Twitter that she’d been taking too much Nyquil on the plane. [Perez Hilton]
  • In honor of Seth Rogen appearing on the March cover of Playboy, TMZ has a slideshow of the eight other male cover models, including Steve Martin, Donald Trump, and Jerry Seinfeld. [TMZ]
  • Studio executives have demanded that Guy Ritchie reshoot five weeks’ worth of scenes in Sherlock Holmes that were filmed during the beginning of his divorce from Madonna because the first cut was not up to par. [Perez Hilton]
  • The estate of Jimi Hendrix has won a trademark infringement lawsuit against Hendrix Electric vodka. The estate won $3.2 million and the vodka will be pulled from stores. [Yahoo]
  • Here are Shawn Johnson’s pictures from the new season of Dancing With The Stars. [ONTD]
  • In these photos Bindi Irwin has a snake wrapped around her neck and lets a reptile eat out of her mouth. [TMZ]
  • New pictures of Hugh Jackman rehearsing for the Oscars have been released. Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Beyonce, Amanda Seyfried, and Dominic Cooper will join him for a musical number during the show. [Just Jared]
  • Australian tourism operators are “very disgruntled” because they feel Tourism Australia’s Baz Luhrman-inspired ads aren’t effective. []
  • Onetime Hills star Jason Wahler is being sued for a third time related to his 2006 alcohol-fueled altercation with a pair of tow-truck drivers. One of the drivers claims Wahler “committed acts of violence, threats of violence, and made racial epitaphs” toward him. [E!]
  • It seems Blade Runner star Sean Young’s time in rehab last winter wasn’t successful. There’s video of her drunk and teetering down the street after presenting an award at the Women’s Image Network awards last night. [Perez Hilton]
  • A judge has ruled that Gary Coleman’s videotaped deposition regarding the lawsuit against him for allegedly hitting a man with his truck will not be released to the public. [Yahoo]
  • Here are pictures of Margaret Cho and Wanda Sykes hugging after a pro-gay marriage rally in Sacramento. [ONTD]
  • Diana Ross is going to be a grandmother! Her daughter Rhonda Ross Kendrick and her jazz musician husband are expecting a child. [The Daily Express]
  • Canadian artist J.D. Fortune replaced INXS’s late lead singer Michael Hutchence in the band after winning a reality TV search. Now they’ve kicked him out of the band and he’s broke and homeless. [The Daily Express]
  • Check out these adorable new photos of Tiger Woods and his 10-day-old son, Charlie Axel Woods. [People]
  • Here’s an interview with Tori Spelling about potty training her son, if you’re into that kind of thing. [Time Out New York]
  • Roman Polanski won’t be returning to the United States. A judge acknowledged that there had been “misconduct” by the court in the handling of his teen rape case in 1977, but dismissed a motion to dismiss the case against the director. [Fox News]
  • Dolly Parton will not be in the upcoming Hannah Montana movie. Producers asked her early on if she’d play her TV role of Aunt Dolly in the film, but then didn’t write her into the script. Parton says: “I’m not in the movie. I wish I had been.” [Yahoo]
  • Mickey Rourke’s agent will be his date for the Oscars. Rourke also says that despite rumors, he’s not playing a villain in Iron Man 2 … “right now.” [NY Magazine]
  • Chris Rock’s little brother Tony was arrested in L.A. for a DUI and is out on bail. [TMZ]
  • You can check out RuPaul’s new music video for Cover Girl (Put That Bass In Your Walk) here. [Perez]
  • “[W]hen you say fashion, it kind of connotes that I would like to be part of this fashion industry in NYC, where I would have to play games and, like, talk to a bunch of a—hole vapid girls I don’t want to talk to. But then there’s the idea of making clothes and being a clothing designer, and I’m more interested in that end of it. I just want to put out products and be the name behind the product …” – Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll [NY Magazine]
  • Viola Davis on meeting Meryl Streep: “She said, “Hi, I’m Meryl!” and I thought, “I know.” The air changes when she walks into the room. It does. And I don’t know if she realizes it-or maybe she does-and she’s already a wonderful human being. She’s completely relaxed, and if she’s not, she just plays it very, very well. But she overcompensates to make you feel like you are a part of the whole. She does not want to take over, and I really appreciated that, coming from the neurotic place I was coming from.” [The A.V. Club]
  • “Now I’m in that middle-age place, age-wise, and youth is no longer really something that I’m a part of anymore. And that started happening for me when I was about 40, to be honest with you. I had my kids and my focus went elsewhere. And I think I’ve changed so much through having children … inside myself. It’s been a kind of evolution and a maturity.” – Annie Lennox [CNN]
  • Naomi Watts says Liev Schreiber has considered ways to get closer to their kids. “With the first [baby], he was like, ‘I want the man boob,’ ” says Watts. “You can get those things. You can attach them and they feed through a tube. It’s to create the bonding experience.” [People]
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