Transgender Soldier Patricia King Will Be a Guest at the State of the Union Address


In July of 2017, Donald Trump announced out of nowhere that transgender soldiers would no longer be allowed to serve in the military, citing “medical costs and disruption.” It looks like he may lose the fight to see his bigoted policy through. On Tuesday night, one of the people he’d like to stop from serving the country will be in the audience of his State of the Union address.

NBC News reports that Staff Sgt. Patricia King has been invited to attend by Rep. Joe Kennedy III, who will be delivering the the Democratic Party’s rebuttal speech. Kennedy will be delivering his speech in Massachusetts, while King is representing in the House Chamber and faced by the horror of Trump himself. Kennedy is chairman Congressional Transgender Equality Task Force:

“Staff Sergeant Patricia King represents the best and bravest our nation has to offer,” Kennedy said in a statement. “For nearly two decades, she has valiantly served our country and defended not only our safety, but our values at home and abroad.”
He added, “Although I won’t be able to join her Tuesday night, I know that she will make our Commonwealth and our country proud at the State of the Union.”

To the trans community, King says, “I want them to see that in spite of everything they may be going through, we are still here and moving forward. Equality is something we should never give up on.”

Additionally, she feels that the State of the Union address a part of the political process that provides “accountability” and she is honored to be able to attend.

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