True Blood: Revenge, Abortion & A Womanly God


So much happened in last’s night’s episode, so many truths were revealed, and yet: We still have so many questions!

  • When Eric finally reminded Russell that Russell had killed his family a thousand years ago, did he really think that Russell would give a shit?
  • Did you guffaw when Pam called Bill an “infatuated tween”?
  • What the hell is going on with Jesus?

  • Can you believe Hoyt’s mama and Summer are in cahoots? Is Hoyt’s mama going to join up with Tara and Arlene and the rest of the anti-vampire folks? Is Hoyt’s mama the one handing out faux eyelashes to the other castmembers?
  • Why are Hoyt and Jessica so hot together?!?!?! And why don’t we get more fierce females like Jessica?
  • Why was Sam so out of control at Merlotte’s?
  • Who the hell cares if Kitch is on V? Why is Jason even getting distracted by that dumb storyline?

  • How come Arlene, who has exhibited a distaste for the supernatural stuff, went ahead and tried a Wiccan abortion? And since it didn’t seem to work, is she actually going to give birth to some serial-killing demon spawn?
  • Did Tara and Sam hook up for a self-loathing hatefuck because they’re at such low points, or do they really have a connection?
  • How great were Eric’s last words to Pam: “You know I love you more when you’re cold and heartless”?
  • Are Eric and Russell really dead? Is Pam rich now?
  • “Fuckin’ fairies! Who knew?” EVERYONE.
  • Where the hell is Alcide?

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