Trump Threw a Temper Tantrum When His Team Offered Lunch to E. Jean Carroll’s Lawyer

Roberta Kaplan was deposing Trump in a separate lawsuit when he stormed out of the room after his lawyer, Alina Habba, dared to offer Kaplan a sandwich.

Trump Threw a Temper Tantrum When His Team Offered Lunch to E. Jean Carroll’s Lawyer

I hate when former President Donald Trump is campaigning or on trial—either or both of which seem to have been a constant reality for the last two years—because it means the news is full of more stupid shit about the world’s most petulant 77-year-old man. On the other hand…I also love it when Trump is campaigning or on trial because it means the news is full of stupid stories that validate calling him the world’s most petulant 77-year-old man: He storms out of courtrooms; he thinks he’s more popular than Taylor Swift; he can’t sit still for more than 30 minutes.

Case in point: Today we learned that Trump at one point got so incensed at his legal team performing a basic professional courtesy—offering another lawyer lunch—that he threw papers across at a table and yelled at Alina Habba, his lawyer (though who knows for how long, since he’s been rambling about firing Habba after being ordered to pay E. Jean Carroll $83 million following their second defamation trial).

Roberta Kaplan, who’s represented a number of clients against Trump, including Carroll, was a guest on the podcast, George Conway Explains It All (To Sarah Longwell), and recounted being at Mar-a-Lago deposing Trump in an unrelated lawsuit (which was dismissed in January) when Trump asked if they could work through their lunch break. Kaplan said no.

“He said, ‘Well, you’re here in Mar-a-Lago. What do you think you’re going to do for lunch? Where are you going to get lunch?’” Kaplan told Conway and Longwell. She told him that his attorneys “graciously offered to provide” her team lunch—which is pretty standard with opposing legal teams.

“At which point there was a huge pile of documents, exhibits, sitting in front of him, and he took the pile and he just threw it across the table. And stormed out of the room,” she said. “He really yelled at Alina for that. He was so mad at Alina.”

Kaplan added that Trump eventually returned and asked how her lunch was—and her characterization of his response makes me wonder if she needs a wellness check.

He came back in and he said, “Well, how’d you like the lunch?” And I said, “Well, sir, I had a banana. You know, I can never really eat when I’m taking testimony.” And he said, “Well, I told you,”—it was kind of charming. He said, “I told you, I told them to make you really bad sandwiches, but they can’t help themselves here. We have the best sandwiches.”

When she left the deposition she said Trump also called out, “See you next Tuesday”—which, if it’s your first time here, is a phrase used to discreetly call someone a cunt. So charming.

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