Trump Voters Very Concerned About Anti-Man Discrimination 


Someone asked me yesterday what my favorite music of the year has been, and I thought to myself, ‘Well, it’s only been a few months.’ It’s October. I’m fine.

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • A recent survey asked 1,500 Trump voters about their views on everything from baseball to whether men face discrimination in the U.S. today, and the results of the latter were surprising! Or maybe not. Almost half of the participants said men do face discrimination in the U.S. today; 18 percent said men face “a great deal” of it, and 31 percent said they face “a fair amount.” This is more than the percentage of participants who said gay people, women, black people, or Mexican-Americans face the same amount of discrimination. Interesting! [NBC News]
  • In totally unrelated news: Dodge City, Kansas—where 60 percent of the population is Hispanic—only has one polling place, and it has been moved outside of the city, a mile from the nearest bus stop. [Talking Points Memo]
  • Trump is considering Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany who once said he’d like to “empower” conservatives throughout Europe, for Nikki Haley’s job. [Politico]
  • Get you a man who will allegedly do corruption and use taxpayer money to get you free rides. [CNN]
  • Arkansas Representative French Hill addresses the radio ad supporting his candidacy in which two women say the Republican party will help stop the Democrats from “lynching black folks.” He calls it “nonsense.” [Talking Points Memo]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:

(I actually barfed reading this one:)

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