Tuesday, 2:25pm


The D.C. cellphone networks seem to be working again, because we just heard from Choire (Megan’s messages have yet to come through). To sum up, he is happy, and and well-fed. More after the jump.

So the Great Long March of Tears is still going on. I should make a lewd joke here about how crowded the Foggy Bottom Metro stop is but I’m too cold and tired. But yeah, wow. Also I kept walking and went to Georgetown for lunch like a proper lady (where I was just served a pot pie larger than my head. YES WE CAN eat the hell out of this). In case no one has said this yet: the scene on the Mall was beautiful. Everyone was lovely and loving. And when Barack Obama became president, a huge crowd of white seagulls that’d been begging for scraps at the Washington Monument was suddenly scared aloft by the immense scream that rose from the crowd, wheeling away like doves but less TACKY. Gorgeous. Anyway the reason I was writing was because of the attached example of DC’s awesomeness: Metro advertisements for military contractors! Talk about a niche market, baby!

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