Twihard Conspiracy Theories: WHERE DID THOSE PHOTOS TAKEN?!?!


Friends, someone is convinced that those photographs of Kristen Stewart nuzzling Rupert Sanders were faked. This video is the “proof” we all need. And by proof, we mean crazytown bizarro conspiracy theory weirdness.

Honestly? If I were an actress who preferred edgy indie fare to Hollywood teen vampire garbage, and there were millions of fans invested in a relationship that I wasn’t really that into, and the last movie was about to come out and I wanted to get out of that relationship, I might do some crazy shit and have some kind of embarrassing public moment that turns me into a villain and makes my heartthrob ex seem like a great guy. As a wise person once said, “Sometimes what seems absurd to most people is the very truth.” But there is a word for this video, and that word is WTF.

[Via DListed]

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