Twin Peaks Inspired Fashion Has Arrived, Everyone


You guise. This may be the most important day in the history of all time and space and fashion-related news.

Suckers Apparel has released a line of Twin Peaks inspired fashion. Because this is exactly what we all need, obviously. Let’s take a look at all the dresses we need to skip paying our rent this month so we can buy, shall we?

This dress is called “Smoking In The Girls Room,” apparently, and can be yours for the bargain basement price of $179.99, aka just shy of what I still owe on my Dish Network bill from three years ago.

This is the “Poor Laura” dress, a “fitted hooded dress inspired by the unfortunate demise of Laura Palmer,” for those of you want an even more literal connection to the series.

And of course, featuring a heart cut-out in the back, here’s the “Fire Walk With Me” dress. This is the dress you’ll be wearing to your annoying cousin’s wedding next year, laughing to yourself at the brilliant inside joke you’ve made with your fashion statement that none of your relatives from Wisconsin are going to get.

No word yet on what the Log has to say about all of this. You can prove your love and devotion to one of the greatest television shows of all time by getting them all at Suckers Apparel.

Images via Suckers Apparel Tumblr

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