Understanding Katy Perry's New Album According to Its Tracklist


Katy Perry has released the tracklist for her new album Prism: Through the Prism I Can See It All and It Is Good, also known as just Prism. Since Perry recently said that all her songs are “real-life moments” and that she can “only write autobiographically”, these song titles are more than just songs. They are “the real truth about stuff.” Here is that (potential) Real Truth.

1. “Roar”

As previously established, “Roar” is about that time that Katy Perry learned about empowerment and jungle cats. Alternatively, it’s about that time she became a Million Dollar Baby. It’s a song that contains multitudes.

2. “Legendary Lovers”

In this song, Perry lists her sexual partners from worst to best in order of sexual prowess. So: Josh Groban, that dude from Gym Class Heroes, that Christian rock guitarist whose younger brother is in Paramore, that other Christian rock guitarist in Relient K, John Mayer, dude from the bar that one time, and Russell Brand.

3. “Birthday”

It’s super annoying how TV shows and movies never play the “Happy Birthday” song because of all those issues surrounding its copyright, so Perry has written a new song for those who need an alternative to that classic. That being said, it’s not entirely selfless: it’s also about her particular birthday, October 25. Scorpios unite!

4. “Walking On Air”

This song actually sounds exactly like something you would have heard in the club in 1975 and is entirely about that fantastic one-night stand she had during the summer of 2012. What it is not: a great follow-up to “Walking On Sunshine”. Lyrics include: “You’re reading me like erotica/Boy you make me feel exotica”.

5. “Unconditionally”

Perry just wants someone to love her unconditionally unlike the way John Mayer does okay CHECK. Moving on.

6. “Dark Horse”

Who cares? This is a great song about horses or something else.

7. “This Is How We Do”

Perry’s homage to “This Is How We Do It” but there’s no “It” involved so it’s more about being a Doer and less about being a Sexer. Take what is rightfully yours! The world is your oyster! (Those lyrics are being saved for the next album, so don’t expect to hear them on this one.)

8. “International Smile”

Perry went on a date with Austin Powers and has penned this tune about the fun times they had on the Vegas Strip with Burt Bacharach.

9. “Ghost”

A great movie night with an old BF inspired Perry to write this song in hopes that they’d cast her in a remake of Ghost where she plays Whoopi Goldberg.

10. “Love Me”

Please. Just do it, Russell.

11. “This Moment”

On this track, Perry sings about everything she’s in the mood to eat at any given time. It’s a good song for concerts because it’s so easily changed for the given audience. For instance, in Dusseldorf she can talk about Wiener Schnitzel but then in Copenhagen she can change that to…something else that sounds similar to Wiener Schnitzel.

12. “Double Rainbow”

It’s cool that you saw a double rainbow Katy but some of us saw a REALLY good one a few weeks ago and there’s no need for you to try to outdo that by tacking on what is essentially just a bragfest at the end of your album. Poor taste.

13. “By the Grace of God”

Uh oh. Perry is letting us know in a none-too-subtle way that she is returning to her Christian roots. Also suicide.

14. “Spiritual”

Uh oh part II.

15. “It Takes Two”

It DOES take two to tango! We’ve heard that before, somewhere. It also took two to make that marriage work RUSSELL and you should have put in some more effort.

16. “Choose Your Battles”

Mm, so wise. Perry’s mom told her this once and it totally inspired her to be very zen about the dissolution of her marriage and make far better choices in her next relationship, with “genius” John Mayer whose brain [FACT] should be given to science to be studied.

Prism comes out October 22.

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