Unhinged Steubenville Mom Claims Local Kids Are Puking Under Tent Desks in Fear


It must be weird to live in Steubenville right now; the entire world is watching as the now infamous high school football team rape case unfolds, and it seems like everyone already has an opinion, from Anonymous to Dr. Phil.

But let’s not forget that the real victim here is the girl who was sexually assaulted and then shushed up, not Jill, a Steubenville mom who told Dr. Phil that her son (who was not involved) was being “victimized” and yelled about how “he just wants to believe there are good people in this world.”

When sex crimes expert Robin Sax pointed out that she had flown all of the way to LA to be on Dr. Phil to complain about media attention, she continued to ramble (loudly; grab some earplugs) about how “some people live off negativity and they feed off of it” and she just wants to stay positive. Mmk.

But her most ridiculous claim was that local kids can’t go to school because the school is on lockdown so they are currently holed up “in a corner with tents made out of desks, puking, peeing their pants.” That seems doubtful. (Also, if the school is on lockdown, where would they get the desks?!)

Again: it must be a hard time to be an innocent Steubenville resident. But making shit up because you want to be on TV doesn’t help spread “positivity” or lead to justice. Why don’t you just talk about how you’re “not here to make friends”?

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