Utah Waffles on Same-Sex Marriage Ruling


Just days after a US District Judge struck down Utah’s same sex marriage ban, the same judge will consider a request from the state of Utah to block (future) gay weddings this morning. Wait, what?

Lawyers for the state want the ruling put on hold as they appeal the decision that has put Utah in the national spotlight because of its long-standing opposition to gay marriage.
Shelby will hold a hearing Monday morning on the request.
On Sunday, a federal appeals court rejected the state’s emergency request stay the ruling, saying it couldn’t rule on a stay since Shelby hasn’t acted on the motion before him.

Meanwhile, hundreds of same sex couples are reportedly running to the court house right now to get hitched before the Judge rules to halt or support his own decision. ABC reports that whatever happens with the ruling this morning, those couples who already have a marriage license will likely remain legally married.

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